NAC Sound International Installations - Collonna Resort - ???

Antonello Colonna Resort

Rome, Italy


Mr Antonello Colonna (one of Italy’s most important chefs) asked me to find a special solution for this building. As with his menus, he invited me to fuse the experiences of taste, texture, wine and food, and to complement this with a sound and design system. The building is a very hard flat concrete structure with nothing to absorb the sound, which then reflects of all surfaces. It is also very long, wide and low, measuring 95 x 25 x 3.5m.

This produces a tunnel effect to the sound. My aim was to provide a natural solution without having to use electronic solutions. My first thought was to use a Thor loudspeaker, but this is too large and powerful for this space. I recalled the fantastic “jewellery like” driver from Scanspeak with a 180 degree emission (Roy Allison had described this to me 25 years earlier). My old friend Maurizio Barcaccia, who hand turns most of the ceramic cabinets for my speakers, was able to create a new shape especially for this. This together with the Atun driver resolved the acoustic issues and blended in perfectly with Antonello’s recipe.

NAC Sound - Collanna Resort - Image 1


NAC Sound - Collanna Resort - Image 2