Nacsound ® copyrights 2014 - Development By AM&Partners.

Shape and Sound

Our products are based upon a new approach to sound diffusion, blended with a strong belief in high quality and functional design.  We want NAC Sound speakers not only to sound good, but also to be stylish, unusual, and above all fun.

Simple, pure shapes -spheres and tear drops- are at the heart of the NAC Sound range.  All have been developed specifically to produce the best sound quality possible, yet we also want them to look fun.  And hung from the ceiling, mechanical vibration is virtually eliminated.


Our speakers use NAC Sound's own patented omni-directional  and multi-directional technologies.

These blend the high and low frequency waves together to create a sound which is rich and lifelike, and - unlike other speakers which direct the sound within a relatively narrow space - is highly consistent, wherever in the room the listener is positioned. We also use our patented transmission line reflex to obtain a higher extension at low frequencies and a reduction in the volume of the speaker cabinets, and to ensure a better response to transience and a cleaner sound in the mid frequencies.


Most of our speaker cabinets are made from ceramic, which is an ideal material because it is extremely rigid, and so it minimises resonance.

The cabinets are hand made for us in Umbria, by traditional craftsmen.  They are then finished either in a natural terracotta, or glazed in a wide range of exciting colours.

Nacsound ® copyrights 2014 - Development By AM&Partners.