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by IsolDesign is an invisible monolithic sound absorbing system with a continuous surface. It is a false ceiling or wall coating with an insulation technology which, thanks to a continuous system of rock wool panels, guarantees high acoustic absorption. Defined as a real revolution and currently the best invisible solution for acoustic treatment. The infinite flexible surface, CE and DOP certified, allows the insertion of mechanical or lighting systems of all kinds and leaves full freedom of design to architects and interior designers: inclined, curved, colored or white, suitable for any type of environment, rustic, minimal, new and even the one that needs to be restored. A single compact, solid, durable, invisible and versatile surface

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 12.22.32.png


Easy to install with high range acoustic performance. 

From the low octave music 125Hz

to High octave 20 Khz


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