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  • Where should I place my ZEMi Aria to get the best sound quality?
    Your ZEMi Aria will sound great almost anywhere that you might want to place it. However, the system will give you the best audio performance if it is placed against a wall or in a corner of the room where you wish to listen to it. The system should be placed on a counter, cabinet or piece of furniture approximately at ear level, if possible.
  • How do I connect an iPod, MP3 or CD player to my ZEMi Aria?
    Your ZEMi Aria has a 3.5 mm stereo mini jack in the rear control panel. A patch cord with a stereo mini plug may be connected to the AUX input jack from devices like an iPod, CD player or other music source. Also, an optical digital cable with a mini-plug connector may be used to connect optical outputs from televisions, cable boxes, CD players or digital music receivers. Do note that when there is a mini-plug connected to the AUX input jack the Bluetooth and AirPlay wireless input will be overridden and the sound from the source plugged in to the AUX input will be played. Adjust the volume with the remote control provided with your ZEMi Aria.
  • Can I use my ZEMi Aria outdoors?
    Your ZEMi Aria is an electronic product and is not designed to withstand direct exposure to water or for use in areas with excessive moisture. You may use your product outdoors if it is protected from exposure to rain or high humidity. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ZEMI ARIA OUTSIDE OR IN AREAS WHERE IT MAY BE EXPOSED TO RAIN OR MOISTURE! Water damage is not covered by the warranty.
  • How do I pair my phone or tablet to my ZEMi Aria?
    Pairing is fast and simple. First, make sure your ZEMi Aria is properly plugged in to a power source. Turn it on using the power button on the rear panel of the ZEMi Aria or via the power button on the remote control. Turn on your Bluetooth device and go to the "Settings" menu. Select the "Bluetooth" option. Select ZEMi on the device menu. After a moment the word "connected" should appear next to ZEMi. Go to your music library or streaming music source on the phone or tablet and press Play. Adjust the sound volume with the volume up or down controls on your phone or tablet.
  • How far away can I take my phone or tablet from my ZEMi Aria?
    The range varies, but 30 feet (10 meters) is typical for the range of Bluetooth connections.  If there are no walls or physical obstructions, this range may be longer.  If there are walls or other obstructions, the range may be shorter.
  • My phone or tablet will not pair to my ZEMi Aria. What should I do?
    First, make sure the ZEMi Aria is plugged in to a power source. Make sure the ZEMi Aria is turned on, which is indicated by a blue LED light. Make sure your phone or tablet is charged and that you have the Bluetooth feature turned on. If you still can't connect to the ZEMi Aria, check to make sure no other mobile devices or computers are already paired to it. Only one device may be paired to the ZEMi Aria at a time. If another device is already paired to your ZEMi Aria, disconnect the pairing first.
  • I have friends who want to pair their phones to my ZEMi Aria. How do I accomplish this?
    Pairing another device is simple. You will need to first disconnect your already-connected phone or tablet from the ZEMI Aria because only one pairing can be established at a time. Do this by either turning your Bluetooth connection off in the "Settings" menu or by disconnecting the ZEMi Aria in your Bluetooth device's pairing menu. After disconnecting your device, have your friend go to the "Settings" menu and select "Bluetooth". They can now select ZEMi Aria in the pairing menu and connect to it.
  • How to ensure streaming via Apple AirPlay works smoothly?
    Apple AirPlay relies on the Wi-Fi network in your home or office. Please make sure your Wi-Fi system is up to date and operating properly prior to connecting your ZEMi Aria to the network. To ensure smooth music streaming, you must make sure you have adequate Wi-Fi coverage in the areas where your ZEMi Aria(s) is/are located. Also, ZEMi Aria will operate most reliably with a recent model router/modem. Poor Wi-Fi coverage, old Wi-Fi equipment or slow Internet speeds will often result in dropped AirPlay signals and intermittent operation.
  • My ZEMi Aria is not synching to my network. What should I do?
    First, ensure that you have good Wi-Fi coverage in the area where your ZEMi Aria(s) is/are located. You can check this with a laptop or other Wi-Fi devices. If your Wi-Fi signal strength is weak, update your equipment or add Wi-Fi routers to your network to improve Wi-Fi signal coverage. If you have a strong signal, try repeating the pairing sequence. Try the following if the above does not resolve the issue. Unplug your ZEMi Aria and plug it back in to reset it. Connect the provided adaptor cable to the mini-USB port on the back of the ZEMi Aria. Plug your iPhone or iPad charging cable into your device, then into the other end of the adaptor cable. Make sure the connections are all secure. Press the power button on the back of the ZEMi Aria two times. A message will come up on the device screen and asks if you want to share the network settings. Press "Allow". The ZEMi Aria 's mode light will flash blue while the unit connects to the network. The light will stop lashing and turn solid blue when the connection is complete. If the blue LED does not stop flashing after a few minutes, repeat the steps above. If this problem persists, please contact us for technical support.
  • My ZEMi Aria was on the network previously, but now it isn’t showing up on my devices. What should I do?
    The ZEMi Aria is designed to shut down after an extended period of inactivity. Check and verify that the speaker is turned on. Press the power button on the back of the unit or the power button on the remote control to make sure the speaker is active.
  • My ZEMi Aria is working fine on my AirPlay network, but the volume is low. How do I increase the output volume?
    If the volume of the ZEMi Aria is low, you can adjust the maximum volume in your iTunes settings. Open iTunes. Go to the "SETTINGS" header. Go down to the "Increase Volume" line and click to raise volume. Alternatively, you can press "Command" and the up arrow to raise the maximum volume. Now your device volume control will raise the volume to this new maximum setting.
  • How do I connect multiple ZEMi Aria speakers to my Mac computer via AirPlay?
    First, connect each of the speakers to your Wi-Fi network using the procedure outlined in the ZEMi Aria manual. Once the speakers are on your network, open iTunes. Click on the AirPlay icon. It is the small box with an arrow at the bottom located at the top of the screen. Now select "Multiple" at the top of the box. When "Multiple" is selected, you can check the box next to each ZEMi Aria speaker that you would like music to play through. Volume can be controlled in the iTunes control menu.
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