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In 1997 Italian acoustic designer Francesco Pellisari established NACSound (New Acoustic Concept Sound), a company dedicated to audio consulting and the manufacture of designer speakers without compromising audio quality. NACSound has developed over the years several patented technologies and acoustic solutions based on omni-directional and not-coherent sound waves. 


Padre Luca

San Lorenzo da Brindisi Church

The atmosphere inside the dome is exactly as we wanted it to be. The sunlight shines through the central oculus with the shadow of a dove symbolising the Holy Spirit that hovers on the assembly. The design of the speakers also reflects the ecclesiastical nature of the building. The sound is now exquisite and we were pleased when the opera singer, Andrea Bocelli, who performed here recently, complimented the sound quality.

Chris Williams

Williams Art

I measured the decibel reduction over the length of the galley and it was incredibly small, less than 3 decibels, half the normal loss. This means that visitors sitting just a few centimetres beneath the speakers can hear practically the same strength and quality of sound as visitors 6 metres away. Being a modern contemporary design, the Omnis are handmade ceramic sculptures in their own right, blending in unobtrusively with the gallery surroundings.

Ari Supran

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer


NACSound designs provide Sonance with the ability to offer a complete audio design portfolio from flush-mounted in-wall loudspeakers to bold, designer focused models that appeal to interior design professionals and lifestyle-conscious customers who demand truly fine sound.

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